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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - (B)

After two decades' hiatus, Indy returns again, for one of what has become a trend of "old action heroes reprising their roles in their sunset years" films. This attracted some serious dislike from portions of the fandom, and I can understand their POV, even if I don't share it.

Probably the biggest change is that in the 20 years between Last Crusade and this, we've got from the era of practical effects to the era of CGI, and the whole feel of the film is very different. Actually, the film reminds me quite a lot of the sort of madcap action Spielberg would later do in his CGI The Adventures of Tintin -- but I don't think this is really so big a leap for the movies, particularly with things like Indy and co.'s exit from the plane in Temple of Doom. It is a bit amusing that Dr. Jones seems to get tougher the older he gets, but action heroes tend to shed any remaining human vulnerabilities as they go along (compare the most trailer for the fifth Die Hard movie with McClane's activities in the first one).

Then there's the complaint, most famously verbalized in South Park, about aliens not belonging in an Indiana Jones movie. Seriously, why? Why do so many people think this is outside the sort of thing you'd see in these stories? It makes no sense to me, given the sort of pulp source material the Indy series was inspired by, and this already included pretty pervasive supernatural elements. Sci-fi explanations for ancient archaelogy is a pretty standard genre trope.
Preach it! I can understand certain aesthetic complaints in regards to the filming technique and any given scene one has as "cheesy"(for me it's swinging with the monkey's) but I get that as a nod to the Tarzan films of the 50's which is where the film seems to be taking it's nostalgia.

Aliens aren't that big a leap if they are a leap at all. The in story issue I had was that Lucas/Speilberg or whoever couldn't just leave it at aliens. They had to "live in the spaces between the spaces" and the extra narrative is my .

The online beef with the "nuke fridge" and yet in TDKR nary a peep about Batman's nuke escape.
KoCS is a much better film, with a few admitted issues, than many want to admit.
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