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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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IIRC he was from Concord Dawn ( is that close enough? ), and now Jango is from Concord Dawn, and thus Boba is a clone of a guy from Concord Dawn. Not too long ago we had a TCW episode saying Jango wasn't a Mandalorian.
Jango not Mandalorian, kind of full circle there. As I recall the first episode with Mandalorians on that show depicting them as pacifists caused bit of a stir and, IIRC, contradicted how Karen Traviss was handling them in her novels (and she left SW writing not long thereafter).
Now I'm by no means an expert on the EU (far from it) but from what I've gathered from the KotOR games and the Clone Wars series is that there's a difference between being a Mandalorian and a "Mandalorian", at least by the time of the films.

On the one hand you have the Mandalorians who are a quasi-nomadic warrior culture, big on personal honour, glory in battle and mercenary work. IIRC these aren't any particular species as there's a cultural tradition of adopting just about anyone they deem worth (i.e. can throw a punch and/or shoot straight.)

On the other hand there's the people who actually live on Mandalore who--according to TCW--appear to be trying to shake their millennia old reputation and heritage as a warrior culture in order to join the Alderanian pacifists' club.

Again, I'm not clear on the details, but I think between the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire both these groups were put through the grinder so by the post-RotJ period they'd been--for better or worse--reunified.
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