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Re: The tale of the 2 Picards

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Sure there were exceptions in certain eps and certain situations.

But TV Picard really wasn't a fisticuffs action hero. And by extension, TNG series wasn't primarily an action adventure series, it was more a science fiction drama.

I suspect TV Picard and TV TNG really weren't cut out for motion pictures--at least, not what Hollywood considers a "big screen sci-fi" movie.

Yet they kept trying to fit TNG and Picard in particular into sci-fi action flicks. That doesn't really ring true. And then going back to that again and again for each film only makes it worse.
Okay, with that said, would you agree that Insurrection had more of a TV Picard which didn't really work, but of course we had movie Picard in First Contact that did work and even to a lesser extent in Generations? I mean do you think there was a way to keep TNG as it was on TV, but to the big screen with a few added bells and whistles? When I ask that, I also mean couldn't the story of the movie alone be enough to carry the movie into a successful one? I think, however, it's safe to say that the stories in Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis weren't, in my humble opinion, very good. Do you not agree?
TNG movies may have had good core ideas but always needed to include Big Space Battles and an Evil Villain and a Doomsday Weapon and Picard grappling hand-to-hand with the bad guy every time.

How often did we see Picard like that in the series?
How is that true to the series?

Think about some of the best and most popular TNG eps. Okay sure, BOBW with battlin' Borg and 'splosions.

But I think of "The Drumhead" "The Offspring" "The Inner Light" "The Big Goodbye" "The Measure of a Man" "The First Duty" other highly regarded eps.

If those are exemplary of TNG at its best, imagine those stories in big screens versions, with more bells and whistles as you suggest.

Imagine a great story like "The Measure of a Man" used for a TNG movie. Maybe fans like us would love it.

But I can't see Hollywood suits going for it, and then trying to market it as a big screen sci-fi flick that has no space battles or evil bad guy. The sci-fi flick that's really a courtroom drama! The general public would maybe be expecting a space adventure and instead get disappointed when Picard gives a speech at the climax rather than using his fists to pummel Maddox. Imagine if Picard was able to defeat Soran or Ruffalo or Shazam with a particularly eloquent speech at the end rather than violence? (Of course, the upcoming Blu-Ray cinema airing of this eps got me here).

You see where I'm going with this. I think the best and most highly regarded TNG TV stuff didn't involve diabolical evil villains and big space battles and kewl explosions. Yet every movie had to shoehorn TNG into that mold and it never seemed to fit all that well.
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