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Re: Why the random episiodes?

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It's because Syfy wanted most episodes record.
Yeah, but I'm not sure that it counts for Syfy because 5 of those seasons were on another network, iirc.

Re: Smallville

I think they were on the same network the whole time, so it really counts for the CW. Not that this matters much anyway...
Even that's open for debate, since the CW wasn't established until 2006. Smallville would have been beginning its sixth season, the first five were on the WB.

So, really, it's the same situation as Stargate. Stargate has five seasons on Showtime, five on SyFy, Smalliville has five on the WB and five on the CW.

But yeah, Doctor Who has both beat. Twenty-six consecutive years, it'll be a while before that's beaten.
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