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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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IIRC he was from Concord Dawn ( is that close enough? ), and now Jango is from Concord Dawn, and thus Boba is a clone of a guy from Concord Dawn. Not too long ago we had a TCW episode saying Jango wasn't a Mandalorian.
Jango not Mandalorian, kind of full circle there. As I recall the first episode with Mandalorians on that show depicting them as pacifists caused bit of a stir and, IIRC, contradicted how Karen Traviss was handling them in her novels (and she left SW writing not long thereafter).

As far as I know, Han as former Imperial cadet is still canon; it was in Blood and Honor. And of course the prequels had nothing whatsoever to say about this.
And that's still canon because the EU decided that maybe the stormtroopers aren't all clonetroopers because that makes handling the canon a lot easier as no pre-AOTC works suggested they were an army of clones.

But yeah. This issue with flexible canon has happened before and it's why Lucasfilm has its tiered canon system.
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