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Re: Geoff Marcy has received a grant to look for Dyson spheres

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I like the idea, I really do.

But can we tell with current technology the difference between a Dyson Sphere or even a nonsensical Dyson Shell from a regular old dim or small star? Or would a Dyson Sphere's star appear as otherwise normal star that was clearly dimmed?
My guess is that a Dyson shell would irradiate all the energy it received from the star at a much lower frequency in the spectrum. A Dyson swarm might be more difficult to detect, depending on how dense the swarm is. If I had to make a guess I'd say that any plausible Dyson swarm will be close to undetectable I don't think that building megastructures detectable at those distances is possible. But if a civilisation had billions of years focusing on them, it might be.
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