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Torchwood: The Exodus Code - Audio

The Barrowmans stab at writing a Torchwood novel is actually pretty good.

I am listening to the 8 hour audio version read by Daniel Pirrie who was in The God Complex.

He is a good reader and does a pretty good job of capturing the characters voices.

I have 5 or 6 Torchwood books and this is by far the best, it's better than most of the tv episodes imo.

Set after Miracle day it involves the Aztec mythos quite heavily.

I haven't finished yet Im only on disk 5 but I recomend it to someone looking for their next audio release.

6.99 a bargain compared to the price of BF downloads.

I recomended the 2nd Doctor story that came out a few months ago The Wheel of Ice read by David Troughton, I still recomend that to. 7.99 for nearly 10 hours entertainment.
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