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That's a decent list, although, you seem to be one of the few here with anything nice to say about "The Mutants."
Bad acting, but it had a great plot which the acting didn't manage to quash.

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I'm also not crazy about "The Face of Evil."
Oops. I put that in before I decided to jettison crap episodes where important things happen(I notice I forgot to delete "The Hand of Fear" as well for the same reason, but that ones slightly more debatable)

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"The Dalek Invasion of Earth." In many ways, the definitive Dalek story.
Nah, I hate that serial. Long & boring. "The Daleks" was far better for the era.

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"The Ark in Space." A perfect, archetypal Tom Baker space station adventure.
Oops, thought I had that on the list.

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"Planet of Evil" is also a very solid entry in this category.
Only thing that really stood out for me about PoE was how good the set design was.

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"The Pirate Planet" is the only complete story officially credited to the late, great Douglas Adams, and is worthwhile for that alone. I love the Pirate Captain and I wish they'd brought him back for more episodes.
Yeah, it was imaginative(loved the inertia corridor), but I don't think it ended up working that brilliantly as a complete story.

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And if you want a sampling of just how weird things could get during the William Hartnell years, I recommend "The Chase," which features badly acted historical reenactments, badly dressed fish people, the Mary Celeste, the Empire State Building, a haunted house, a robot duplicate of the Doctor that looks nothing like him, and (if you get the unedited version) a special appearance by the Beatles! And then there's "The Web Planet" if you're into giant bugs, tie burnings, and Barbara & Vicki's debate over the relative merits of asprin.
I think the chase was (unintentionally) hilarious, but suggesting someone watches the web planet must surely be akin to torture.

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In which case, I assume you'll be avoiding "Mawdryn Undead," "Terminus," & "Planet of Fire" like the Terullian Plague.
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