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Re: National Novel Writing Month

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Maybe I should make this my own Get Back To Trying To Get the Novel I Wrote a Year and a Half Ago Published Month.

My biggest problem is finishing. I have a lot of ideas for plots, settings, characters, etc... world-building is great, but actually writing out a complete story, that's the hard part (for many people, I think). But also a rather important part. If you have something that is actually complete, then definitely see if you can get it out there!
Done with mine for tonight. 1878 words. It feels good!
Yep. I'm at 1683 (so past the daily target at least). Done for tonight. So far, pantsing (read: beginning to write out the story without a lot of pre-planning, for those of you unfamiliar with NanoSpeak) seems to be working out okay... We'll see what happens tomorrow, heh.

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