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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

I don't see why you would. Even if the new trilogy contradicts entire chunks of the EU, and that seems pretty probable, there's basically no way it will contradict all of it.

So throwing up some rationalisations to save some parts while decanonizing other parts seems plausible.
There is a big chance that the whole Post ROTJ EU will get nuked, thats a good emough reason for meto find an another consistent universe.

That's a matter of opinion.
DH amde some unique comics. Marvel focused on milking the big 3.

Also remember when Jester Mereel was Boba Fett's real name, and he wasn't a Mandalorian just a guy who wore Mandalorian armour? Or Han Solo's past as a stormtrooper. Hell, the entire approach to Jedi relationships in the EU - including the idea of Luke marrying at all - got implicitly shafted in Attack of the Clones. This stuff goes by the wayside.
These things can be and were retconned in a way that made sense. Try to retcon Luke being married in 6ABY or having a kid in 10ABY. You cannot retcon it in a way that it would not look completly implausible.
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