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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it


I loved it with all my heart.

It wasn't perfect though. O'Neill is seen to be drinking Budweiser. This upsets me. Couldn't they use some perfectly pleasant Canadian beer? People should not drink Budweiser, it is horrible.

He is also listening to opera and reading a Mad magazine with Alfred E. Neuman on the cover as Darth Maul:

This pleases me greatly.

There is a Seinfeld reference. "Hello Newman".


There is a super hot woman in this episode. I hope see more of her, she should escape and go even more rogue.

She also pleases me greatly!

For most of this episode I had no idea what was going on, I thought O'Neill was having some breakdown because of his peasant lovin' three months. I did sympathize with the rogue group. Even though we the viewers know that the Goa'uld will not wipe out earth they have only the evidence before them of the Goa'uld vast superiority. They really are (potentially) looking out for Earth's best interests. Of course they might really be looking out for the USA's best interests against foreign earthly powers as well in which case they are jerks but whatever. Their ideology, though not presented very convincingly as a shade of grey in this episode is still one I have some sympathy for.

I give this episode an A QUADRUPLE PLUS!!!!!!!

Yeah, that's my first actual grade and it will be my last

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Janeway does Melbourne

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