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Re: Dexter and what he does.

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There's nothing good or moral about a serial killer. What Dexter does is murder, pure and simple.
Dexter is little different than the guy who pulls the switch or injects the poison into a death row prisoner.
1. I don't accept the right of the state to execute criminals. I oppose the death penalty and strongly favor is abolition.

2. Dexter does not give his victims a trial by their peers during which they are entitled to a legal defense. Those people have a right to a trial and a legal defense, and he is violating their rights by murdering them.

3. The legal system is fundamentally different from an act of vigilante murder, because the legal system functions as a result of a democratic mandate. Until the United States ratifies in a democratic referendum a new Constitution granting to Dexter the exclusive right to investigate, judge, and executive the accused, what Dexter does is fundamentally illegitimate. It's just another act of murder, and Dexter deserves to be arrested and tried for his crimes.
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