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Re: Why are there no Nuts / Bolts / Screws in Star Trek?

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In all of the episodes that I've watched which consists of all of
TNG, DS9, VOY, & ENT, I've never seen a single screw, nut or bolt, even a rivet in the future.

Somebody has to make the prototype of the item or part that gets mass replicated. How did they put all the items together in the first place?

Did they just weld or sodder everything together?

I'm assuming they must use something to hold all their tools, gadgets, pipes, etc together.

Any ideas from you fans?
I don't know if someone else has already mentioned this, but DS9 has an entire episode where Jake and Nog have some large shipment of some sort of bolts that they sell for land...

Update: Here we go. I found the episode. It was self-sealing stem bolts.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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