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Some questions about tractor beams

I was having a discussion about tractor beams with a friend of mine and he asked a number of questions that I had no answer for. I figured if anybody would know, you guys would.

1. Do all of the major Trek races use them? Have we seen Klingons, Romulans or Cardassians in particular use them?

2. Can a tractor beam "get a grip" on a shielded ship or other object?

3. Can a tractor beam exert pressure in different directions at once, or would that require two separate beams? As an example, could one tractor beam tear a ship in half?

4. When being used to repel an object, what are the upper limits?

5. What range do they have, specifically in comparison to phasers and torpedos?

6. Why are they not more often used in a weaponized way, as the Borg seemed to use them? Didn't Worf once use them to repel disruptor fire?

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