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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

I hated the way they wiped away all the progress the book gave.. the reasoning was stupid.. There could not be two captains ? I served in the real miliarty and can tell you yes there can, hell there can be even more than two..most dept heads are captains aboard large ships. It does not mean they have the power to alt the chain of command, the first officer is still the next in line should something happen to the captain.
Second how many people who were under him have gone on to out rank him . This whole I'm not ready thing the writer came up with is crap I mean dude has what 25 years in star fleet now and has been involed in every combat condition you can think of hell, most 4 star starfleet admirals have not seen as much action as he has !!!That was a lazy excuse and the whole premise is starting to bother me..and turn me off..the writers keep yaping about how much starfleet has lost, yet one of the most experinced crews in the fleet are running around with officers who should have all moved on to command ranks by now.. you demoted him and now what does he do.. the samething as before come in for a few chaps ..throws some tech babble then gone... waste
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