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Re: Dexter and what he does.

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It is not his place to determine who deserves to die.
As determined by... who?

You're missing the point. You happen to agree that the legal system is justified in carrying out the premeditated murder of those it deems otherwise irredeemable. Mistakes are made. Innocents are murdered. Accidents happen.

That's exactly what Dexter does. The only real difference is that he follows a code of conduct designed for him by his father, whereas the American legal system follows a code of conduct designed by the founding fathers, and the legal systems of other countries were designed by theirs... several of which are far more barbaric and corrupt than what Dexter does. All of them, however, are completely arbitrary systems that just happened to be agreed upon by those who also agreed to follow those laws.

You don't agree with Dexter's code? That's fine. Lots of people don't agree with [country of choice]'s legal system, including many [citizens of your country of choice]. It's no different, other than you happen to disagree with it.

Dexter hunts the worse of the worst and removes them from society. Plain and simple.
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