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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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But he's still pretty short on details. He does not, for example, ever mention when or if Stargazer dropped OUT of warp, despite the fact that it clearly did.
The episode dialog only states clearly that the Stargazer dropped out high warp at the end of the Picard Maneuver. Prior to that, we have no idea what speed she was going at.

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As an alternative to using the compression wave as an aiming point to "blow our captain to bits." And even that's only possible because the Galaxy class is a lot more powerful than Stargazer.
And apparently also to concentrate shields from that aiming point to protect from the attack.

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If that's the case, then scanning for compressed gasses would be totally unnecessary; Riker asks Data for a way to counter the Picard Maneuver and Data would immediately say "Aim for the closer one. Duh!"
Since "blowing the Captain to bits" was clearly not something Riker wanted to do they still had "no counter". Having the ability to target both ships doesn't give Riker the solution he is looking for.

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Not at all. Unless the aim was to actually RAM the Enterprise, Stargazer had to decelerate at some point. The time to accelerate from a standing start to warp nine is not instantaneous, nor is the drop from warp nine to a standstill; there'd be about a three-quarter second period where Stargazer was decelerating at insanely high but still subluminal velocity, and THAT, above all else, is what Data's sensors are scanning for.
Then the main viewer should've shown NO warp vector lines and just a second Stargazer appearing out of the blue if that was the case. If you watch the episode the main viewer animates out the entire sequence and there is a continuous warp-line connection between the old and new Stargazers. That indicates that the sensors were FTL in detecting the compression path from start to finish. And interestingly, even though they are doing all this in real-time with the warp lines animating, the computer doesn't erase the old image.

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That would utterly nullify the entire premise of the maneuver, making it an invalid tactic from the start.
There are no invalid tactics, just dumb crews.

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In the final moments we do not know if the Stargazer was still at warp or at sublight...
The sequence with using the maneuver on the Enterprise pretty much implies they were at sublight; it defies explanation how a maneuver that's supposed to be executed between two ships in a warp pursuit could be employed from a standing start against a stationary target.
Not really. The Stargazer could still have been going at Warp 2 and as the Ferengi exited Warp to make a tight 180 (like the E-D does in "Encounter At Farpoint") the Stargazer could've intercepted them after the High Warp hop.

Remember, the characteristics of the Picard Maneuver are:
1. High Warp (Warp 9)
2. The Enemy Ship Choosing the Wrong Target to fire at (Enemy Confusion)
3. Possible a sensor timing issue

If it was something simple like a ship going FTL to outrun it's own LS reflection, then Warp 1 or 2 would suffice. The dialog and VFX do not bear this out in the episode, so we are left with the concept that a sudden HIGH Warp speed hop is able to confuse FTL sensors of the target ship.
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