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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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"Supposed to" according to what? We've seen many times that any given glimpse of the future in Trek is just one possible path.
I know, the future in Trek is not set in stone. However, the potential futures we've seen, in the cases where they weren't completely averted, are a suitable roadmap. Although it doesn't equal 'destiny', it is likely that the characters, based on circumstances, make the same decisions for the future.

Therefore, unless these aspects of future development are unequivocally averted, I like to think that:
* Beverly will become captain of the Pasteur
* Worf joins the KDF, becomes General and later member of the High Council
* Geordi marries Leah

I like to think this is going to happen but I will not be upset if it doesn't. It's like a glimpse beyond the horizon but we may change our direction. That okay?

Concerning the TPoM: Part 2 was the most fascninating part, Imho, while Part 3 featured the thrilling resolution. Soong's return seems logical in hindsight now and not in any way contrived. Data's reincarnation pushed the benchmark into "Outstanding" and I like to ponder his future: Resurrection of Lal, an army of Lores, (full) Commander Data as Worf's/Picard's XO, captain of the Enterprise with La Forge as XO, special asset (like Seven of Nine in the 2380s)? The possibilities are almost endless.

In addition, with Data 2.0 having all the knowledge of Dr. Soong, Myriad Universe's Brave New World-like possibilities come to mind.
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