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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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While it used the same actors and names for the characters it also reimagined them in many ways.
that has no bearing on reality. When Phase II was announced, then the movie, in no interview or press release were either siad to be anything which is described (today) as "reimagining." It was a conscious continuation of the TOS characters and experiences, acknowledging the passage of time, hence age, costume and ship changes. That's all.
I watched the film. I watched the TV show. It was very real, whether they mentioned it or not in the press release is irrelevant. The changes in costuming and sets are normal when reviving a property or shifting it to the big screen. Still the look and feel of the ship and uniforms are a pretty radical shift. The age of the characters still didn't match the age of the actors. A decade had passed between the end of TOS and TMP. There is no reference for that much time passing for the characters. I don't recall any real callbacks to TOS episodes in TMP other than Decker's name. (and the plot of the Changeling). The characters/characterizations don't seem right either, especially Kirk. Decker presence/role also disrupts the character balance, even if he is doomed. If Phase II version with Decker as XO had gone into production this would be more evident. The tone of TMP is different than TOS too. Seemingly influenced by 2001 and "serious" SF. It's more sterile too and lacking the sense of fun that TOS had.

All that adds up to a major reimagining of the property to me.

Ditto for TWOK. Both gave the illusion of continuing from TOS, but in far too many ways theY were divergent.
Again, you would be incorrect. The film is a sequel to both TMP (as the next film) and "Space Seed" (direct) with a lead villain, and his motives for revenge (abandoned) occuring in the TV episode. There is no reimagining the TOS franchise, as seen in the Abrams film.
Yeah, it was the next film and was based on Space Seed, but it represents another tonal shift both visually and conceptually from TMP. Kirk becomes more of a "big action hero" than he was TOS and definitely more than he was in TMP. The 09 film is a sequel, too. That has little to do with reimagining. Of course, the 09 film is also a step back to TOS in certain aspects. The uniforms are obviously based on TOS. Its mix of action and character is also closer to TOS than TMP and the other films.

Is that "deimaginig?"

I'm sure you could find fans of all the "Berman" series and films who are very vocal about their favorites returning to either the small or large screen. Hell, you'll them right here on this very website!!!! Including the "horrible" Enterprise.
Apparently, their numbers were not large enough to prod Paramount/CBS into starting any of the Berman series again. Berman buried the franchise, which is why the PTB had no interest in digging up TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT. When TOS ended, it was not long when NBC (after discovering syndicated TOS actually reached that key demographic when it was first run) wanted the series to return, and as noted 1 post ago, we know what followed.

Of course, this was based on the astounding post-network interest in TOS, but the same cannot be said of the Berman series, otherwise, NuTrek would not exist, and we would be watching the twilight adventures of Picard and Co., but we are not. Few were sad to see the Berman series ride off into the sunset.
Well what followed was a half hour Saturday morning animated series, which I doubt reached the key demographics NBC coveted or appealed the Saturday morning demo either. And of course Roddenberry would "disavow" it.

Was it really NBC who "requested" TAS. I thought Filmation started the ball rolling.

Who can really say what the future will bring. Perhaps someday "Berman Trek" will get it's own reboot after a groundswell of interest by a new fanbase. After all, TNG was the most successful TV series and DS9 is probably more popular around here than any other series.
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