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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Green Arrow can so go to prison.

Task Force X.

the frakking Suicide Squad.

(the government in the comics sends imprisoned super villains on CIA-like missions to knock over tinpot dictatorships and/or kill difficult people, in exchange for time off their sentences... The super villains are rigged with suicide switches to ensure loyalty and precision. It's a really "grey" comic.")

Do a couple missions for the Wall, escape then defend a world that fears and loaths him as a murderer.

i loved how Laurel turned on him.

"He's a killer, I could see it in his eyes, I can't trust him, I can't work with him."

Which what Lana on Beauty and Beast should have said after spending 5 minutes with her Beast and "the girl" who found out about Dexter should have said 5 seconds after seeing him plunge one into Tom hank's kid.

I agree, the constant use of the DC atlas is riveting.
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