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That's a decent list, although, you seem to be one of the few here with anything nice to say about "The Mutants." I'm also not crazy about "The Face of Evil."

In the meantime, there are a few pretty good ones that I think you skipped over:

"The Dalek Invasion of Earth." In many ways, the definitive Dalek story.

"The Ark in Space." A perfect, archetypal Tom Baker space station adventure. "Planet of Evil" is also a very solid entry in this category.

"The Pirate Planet" is the only complete story officially credited to the late, great Douglas Adams, and is worthwhile for that alone. I love the Pirate Captain and I wish they'd brought him back for more episodes.

And if you want a sampling of just how weird things could get during the William Hartnell years, I recommend "The Chase," which features badly acted historical reenactments, badly dressed fish people, the Mary Celeste, the Empire State Building, a haunted house, a robot duplicate of the Doctor that looks nothing like him, and (if you get the unedited version) a special appearance by the Beatles! And then there's "The Web Planet" if you're into giant bugs, tie burnings, and Barbara & Vicki's debate over the relative merits of asprin.

I was also going to recommend "Revenge of the Cybermen." But really, the appeal for that one all boils down to a single YouTube clip:

Watch that and you're probably done.

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I've left in regenerations whether they're crap or not, but I haven't left in crap companion joining/leaving eps, let me know if you want those in as well).
In which case, I assume you'll be avoiding "Mawdryn Undead," "Terminus," & "Planet of Fire" like the Terullian Plague.
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