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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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I mean, major events from the Expanded Universe were contradicted by the prequel films - from the idea of the Republic not having major wars
The prequels only said that the Republic hadn't had a major war in the last millennium. That didn't contradict any previously existing EU events because the EU's major wars were in earlier eras.

Kegg wrote:
Also remember when Jester Mereel was Boba Fett's real name, and he wasn't a Mandalorian just a guy who wore Mandalorian armour?
IIRC he was from Concord Dawn ( is that close enough? ), and now Jango is from Concord Dawn, and thus Boba is a clone of a guy from Concord Dawn. Not too long ago we had a TCW episode saying Jango wasn't a Mandalorian.

Kegg wrote:
Or Han Solo's past as a stormtrooper.
As far as I know, Han as former Imperial cadet is still canon; it was in Blood and Honor. And of course the prequels had nothing whatsoever to say about this.
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