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New Blood, Part 2

"So are you settled in alright, Robin?" Geordi LaForge asked as he sat at the table at Quark's with Robin Lefler, Carl Draper, William T. Riker, and Deanna Troi.

"Yes, in fact we're officially moved in." Robin said.

"You can officially move in? How does that work?" Riker asked.

"Well it's when you unpack the last box." Robin replied.

"I just wonder if my dear wife is going to transcribe that into a Lefler Law." Carl remarked as he took a sip of his ale.

"No, it isn't." Robin replied as she cradled the tea cup from the replicator.

"Why is that?" Geordi asked, "I thought you wrote laws down all the time. You had over a hundred on the Enterprise."

"It was already a law." Robin replied, "Lefler's Law Number 7: 'A move isn't official until you've unpacked the last box'."

"And how many laws have you come up with now?" Geordi asked.

"One hundred and thirty." Robin replied.

"Fifteen of them relating to Goliath." Carl replied.

"Fifteen laws pertaining to a dog?" Riker asked.

"Clearly, sir, you're unfamiliar with dealing with Malamutes." Carl replied.

"Well the first one, was law number one hundred and five: Puppies and uniforms don't mix." Robin replied.

"Lefler's Law Number one hundred and six: Nothing sheds fur like a Malamute blowing his winter coat." Carl remarked, "I still remember the day we both went to work covered in tufts of fur after Goliath was shedding his winter coat."

The group at the table laughed and Riker remarked, "I just wonder what laws you'll come up with places like Quark's here on Deep Space Nine."

"Speaking of Quark's, are you going to reclaim that refill?" Carl remarked.

"Certainly. After all it did surprise me when it started to play that jingle..." Robin remarked, remembering that when she sipped her cup of tea the Quark's advertisement played, causing her to drop the cup of hot tea into her lap.

"Something tells me Adam Martoni might be somewhat more irate than you are." Carl replied, taking another pull of his ale.

"What makes you say that?" Robin replied.

"Well, as Chief of Security I'm sure Strickland's bootprints are all over the back of his uniform." Carl replied dourly.

"I'm sure the next staff meeting might have Strickland up in arms about it." Robin said.

"If Adam Martoni is any indication, it probably might get entirely blown out of proportion." Carl remarked, indicating Lieutenant Junior Grade Adam Martoni as he lumbered into Quark's.

From both he and Robin's position they could both lip read his words, "I'm here to claim my free refill. If nothing else, another raktajino is just what I need to start the night."

"I hope Quark doesn't try to get the new Security Chief hammered, even if he is working for Strickland." Carl remarked.

"From what I know about Quark, that's a distinct possibility." Riker smirked, "I just hope LT Martoni is as astute as his evaluations say. He'll need it to keep ahead of Quark."

"No easy task from what I've observed." Carl remarked.


"One hundred and fifty-six pages?" Kira said, "And references to an incident in Lieutenant Martoni's past where a similar encryption protocol was used?"

"Sir, station communication security was violated once and it's vulnerable to being violated again. I ask LT Martoni to assess this vulnerability and work with Engineering to see how we can strengthen the integrity of our internal communication system." Strickland replied.

"And you intend to read this report?" Kira asked.

"Yes sir. And you'll have a full report of my recommendations tomorrow morning." Strickland replied.

Does that man sleep in his uniform? Kira thought.

"You'll find, sir, I'm quite meticulous about the little details." Strickland replied, "To include knowledge that the flooring in my quarters slopes a degree and a half when one enters the kitchen. And the deck in ops has three quarters degree incline when moving counter-clockwise along the upper level."

I'll have to ask Julian if Commander Strickland has any evidence of genetic engineering.

"Good to hear." Kira replied, thinking, Ezri might well be getting some more visitors thanks to Strickland. I'll reign him in if I have to. But for now I'll wait and see.

"If there's nothing else, sir, I'm on my way to Quark's." Strickland replied.

"For?" Kira found herself asking.

Strickland held up the coffee cup with Quark's face on it saying, "I may as well collect on my free refill for all the aggravation his advertising campaign put me through."


To Be Continued...
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