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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

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Old military truism: Amateurs think of tactics, professionals think of logistics. Can't have a Federation that is "thousand planets and spreading out" if you don't have a well coordinated colonization effort following up your pathfinders.
I kinda imagine ships like the Stargazer (TOS version) were part of the huge evacuation efforts in "The Alternative Factor"
Well yes I would agree and perhaps "colonization" is too narrow a term.

Doesn't necessarily have to be Mirandas, although I prefer that as an interpretation of the Court Martial list to others that have been offered. Back in the day, my friends speculated that the sudden appearance and numbers was a response to events like Gorn attack, the doomsday machine, the space amoeba, Vejur and Nomad. Also worked as an in-universe (albeit tongue-in-cheek) explanation of why so many SF Captains were n00bs. LOL
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Why would the actual colonization be Starfleet's prerogative, though? Sure, defending trade routes, and the colony itself from hostile alien nations would make sense. But it's up to the colonizers themselves to make the colony and trade actually happen. Most colonies seem to be more-or-less independent, and just use Starfleet when they need to get out of a jam
Sure. One, the Federation is certainly not going to open up a planet for colonization without a complete and thorough survey. Could send some science ships but a single ship that could drop a few dozen science teams, each with with a specialized shuttle could be better. Two, the resources that are needed to initially set up a colony are going to be a tempting target for piracy so you certainly would expect SF's involvement as escort. And if you are going to escort, you might as well assist. Third, the same ship could be used to establish the various SF outposts we have seen. And finally, the same ship that would allow you to help establish a colony would prove invaluable to evacuating civilians in a crunch.
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