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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Just finished the book and I don't really see anything that conflicts with my original statement. Even Data says that his life before had concluded.

As far as a rating goes, I'd say its average. Solid but not spectacular.

It had a lot of interesting ideas but it bogged down in the middle. Didn't care for the death of Choudhury, just a road we've been down a couple of times already with Worf. It felt repetitive. Have a feeling that it'll lead Worf to question his fitness for command and whether he wants to stay in Starfleet.
Which makes me wonder if their not planning to try to some how fit the novels into leading into something based on or similar to Star Trek Online.
Or Star Trek: Countdown?
Well Countdown is part of STO's backstory so its not like it has to be a one or the other thing.

Though if they go this way I'm going to be further annoyed becuase it makes the novl guys come off (to me at least) as incapable of furthering the Trek timeline on their own.
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