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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

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"Geared towards colonization" sounds a tad thin if it entails adding some shuttlebays but also quite a bit of firepower. Perhaps "geared towards planetary assault" might be more like it?
That's what I'd think. The military probably wouldn't be too interested in shipping around civilian colonies; a lot of them aren't even necessarily Federation to start with. Starfleet, of course, has an interest in protecting most everybody from everything (as long as it doesn't violate the prime directive ), so there's that.

But what would any military (de facto or official) want with fast, armed transports? Delivering stuff in dangerous situations, of course. Like a planetary assault - which Starfleet would do, if they had to drive out the Klingons or whomever. And if you can't reliably use transporters for whatever reason, you gotta have lots of shuttles, preferably in lots of bays so there's less of a bottleneck.
Old military truism: Amateurs think of tactics, professionals think of logistics. Can't have a Federation that is "thousand planets and spreading out" if you don't have a well coordinated colonization effort following up your pathfinders.
Why would the actual colonization be Starfleet's prerogative, though? Sure, defending trade routes, and the colony itself from hostile alien nations would make sense. But it's up to the colonizers themselves to make the colony and trade actually happen. Most colonies seem to be more-or-less independent, and just use Starfleet when they need to get out of a jam
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