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Re: star trek into dark ness trailer release date

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cheesy dialogue ,horrible acting, bad visual effects.

SW:Episode 1 and batman and robin had all these in their tailers.
So did the trailers for the 1977 film "Star Wars" and the 1982 film "Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan." Your point fails.
I haven't seen the TWOK trailer but the very first one for SW, included on the OT DVDs (and presumably the blu-rays too) is awful. It actually makes the film look bad - like something you wouldn't want to see.

And I've lost count of the trailers which made a movie look brilliant but which ultimately turned out to be dire.

Wow...thank God.

Now I know I am not losing my mind. Finally somebody on this board that understands what I mean when I say a trailer can sometimes foreshadow the outcome of a film.

yeah ...I too saw the trailer for ST: The motion picture and it wasn’t great just like the movie itself.

However I wouldn’t say it is as bad as the Green Lantern trailer, that trailer was so bad that even Warber Bros had to make excuses for the negative reacation. The trailer got so much negative reviews that Warner Bros had to edit the whole film over again. Sadly that didn’t help, the movie was still terrible.

Do I think Star Trek 2013 will suffer the same faith? I will say NO by 85%

However its Hollywood and sometimes we need to prepared for the worst.

That's all am saying. it’s simple English. There is no need for slurs and rudeness.

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