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Re: Section 31 after DS9

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I was thinking about doing something with Section 31but some questions popped up. After Sloan died we were left to wonder is is Section 31 is gone? was it just Sloan?
I think it's fairly absurd to think that Sloane was all there was to Section 31. Sure, one man could've pulled the entire Changeling virus thing off, but it seems way more plausible if it's a larger operation.

Lets say it was not just Sloan, if there were other involved and Starfleet officials caught up and apprehended them. Could Section 31 ever be a legit yet still secret agency with in Starfleet?
How would they find the rest of Section 31 anyway? They're not a formal organization, just a large group of like-minded and highly competent individuals working to protect the Federation. The only time you're going know of Section 31 involvement is when someone reports it and during the Dominion War, I can see a large majority of Starfleet members colluding with them and not reporting it. People like Bashir are going to be the outliers, especially along the front lines.

Does section 31 have to much of a bad history (attempted genocide etc..) for Starfleet to use them in a more controlled manor?
For the Federation and the Starfleet higher-ups, probably yes, because they almost always put principles before pragmatism. The only times they don't are events that are easily swept under the rugs.

Should Starfleet abolish S31 and try to have some other type of black-ops agency?
No to abolishing Section 31, because like I said earlier, it's not an actual organization they can shutdown, and they already have black ops. It's called Starfleet Intelligence.

Should S31 always remain a more rogue agency that answers to no one in order to protect the Federation?
Yes, because from what we've seen, most of the upper echelons of Starfleet Command takes forever to realize a threat until it's staring them in the face (and sometimes even after, in the case of the Borg) and doesn't take anywhere near the measures they should to combat those threats.
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