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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Be nice if there was some sort of used-starship trade-in program. I gotta spend $20 in real money to buy the ship, now it's worth zero. Don't want to use it anymore, only option is the trash. If it was at least worth 50% on the purchase of the new toy, there'd be more incentive to put more in and get it. As it is, just feels like a waste, as it's gonna be nerfed/OBE eventually, so why bother at all?

Kinda a fine line. Understand they want my money, but by being so aggressive about it, makes me pull back and not put ANY in instead of more. If I felt like it was going somewhere or getting me something, maybe. But since it's really such a blatant money grab (lottery boxes with unpublished but terrible odds), i just opt out completely.

Haven't bought a ship since the gal-X, and don't see it changing. And if it does, it'll be with the zen they give me, not buying more. They've just gradually burned most of the goodwill and positive feelings I used to have towards them over time. Still playing, but it's inertia as much as anything. And since i have the LTS, really not costing me anything to stick with it.

Just tough trying to remember the last time they were doing things that I was excited about. Probably the last FE in the first series, I guess (Reman episodes). They were on a nice string, I'd make a point to be on the computer and ready to go when it hit the server, and they were promising to ramp these up to like 4-5 a year!

Then they took an entire year and delivered almost NOTHING at all, game stagnated. After lots of promises, eventually got the DS9 set, and plans to at least do a couple FEs a year. Didn't even get a 2nd one out before quitting on that goal, and replacing it with a different plan, of not doing them at all anymore.

Now our content is 100% of the grind variety, and gets old SO fast. Defera, Tholian zone, starbases, new Romulan stuff coming. Just more stuff to grind out, work-like, and for rewards that don't matter anyway. Just no excitement to it anymore. Feels like Cryptic is feeling the same thing, from the way they come across. Just running out the clock, seeing how far they can milk this thing before they just put it to bed...
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