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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Christopher wrote: View Post
That schedule on p. 33 is actually the reference I used to cite the episode order in my last post. That listed scoring order we've both cited for early season 2 is identical to production order for those episodes that featured original scores.
That makes a ton of sense. After I posted I compared the season 2 scoring order with your prior note about how
"Adonais" would be fourth, "Amok Time" fifth, "Doomsday" sixth, and "Mirror" seventh.
and thought, "Hmm what a coincidence!" I think I am entirely in agreement with you about what order makes sense, for this set.

Tallguy wrote: View Post
(Are library cues the same as the cues from other seasons that they had to re-record? I think we're getting Charlie X like three times aren't we?)
Yeah, that's pretty much the definition of "library cues". We should be getting the zaps from Charlie X, and a couple other cues, multiple times; but not the full score.

Tallguy wrote: View Post
Also we're not factoring for any alternate / unused cues. I don't know if those will go with their episodes or be put on a group of discs.
AND how are they doing library cues?
Christopher wrote: View Post
And we don't know how much additional material there might be
Library cues would have been recorded during a session, probably tacked onto a session for another score. So if the discs have a "session" orientation, then to me it would make sense to put the library cues with the other material they were recorded with. That preserves a "composer" feel with a disc: if Steiner composes & conducts the Adonais score, and records his library cues that same session, that would have a similar "feel", as opposed to sticking some Courage library cues onto that disc.

That implied orientation "toward the musician" (as opposed to "toward what aired") would be consistent with what we've heard about the set including info on the actual session players.

Christopher wrote: View Post
...and whether things like unused, alternate, or diegetic cues would be on the same discs as their associated episodes (as was the case with Batman: TAS Volume 2, e.g.) or on additional discs at the end (as was the case with the Ron Jones set).
Ah. I've heard neither the Batman nor the Ron Jones, so I don't know how those two approaches have played out in the past.

To me it makes sense that unused & alternate cues from a recording session would be grouped with all the other material from that same session; and then entirely separate material (like Adam's songs from Way To Eden, if they were to appear) would be grouped with that episode's material (if there were any). Perhaps a good example would be Charlie X. On that (half) CD, I would expect to get Steiner's full score, as he first intended it, which might include cues that were later cut from the running episode; and then some extra zaps and stings that they probably recorded at the same session for use elsewhere in season 1; and then if they were including Nichelle Nichols singing Uhura's song ("O on the Starship Enterprise" etc) in the set, it would go here. I don't think they are including that, but that placement would make sense to me.

I guess there are some oddballs that might not fit either category (Brahms Waltz?), but not a lot.

Doesn't seem to me as if there is room for a whole disc dedicated to extra stuff. We know it's 15 discs: 30 recording sessions at about half a disc per session gets us right to 15 discs, without an extra disc for unused/alternate/diegetic material. That suggests the producers packing in the extra stuff among the regular stuff, wherever it fits. If we assume something more compact, like 3 sessions per disc, then we have 10 discs of music from episodes plus one disc of extra stuff, and, what four empty discs?? I don't see it.

It would make sense to handle this differently from the Ron Jones set, since that was a single-composer set. This is not.

But of course, I don't know anything more than you do.
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