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Re: National Novel Writing Month

I'm in! Write-ins and word wars and caffeine! Always a good time.

Was gonna start this thread myself later today, if no one else had done so.

Last night at midnight, I wrote one sentence, heh. Stopped there because I was really tired yesterday and wasn't up to really getting into it, but it's become a tradition for me to always start right when the clock strikes midnight on the night of the 31st. So I wanted to get SOMETHING down before going to bed.

This'll be my fifth time doing it, and my fourth success assuming I reach the big 50k (crashed and burned in '09; I would have appreciated it if the plotline I was working on had told me that it wasn't going anywhere on November 1st, instead of November 15th).

Writing a fantasy novel this time around, but I'm going into it with less planning than usual, so we'll see how that goes.

Happy Nano'ing!

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