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Re: star trek into darkness trailer release date

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Sweetie that's a moderator you're talking to. Just in case you missed it.
Honey maybe the moderator should not have been a hypocrite and I say this with respect to her but someone on this thread called me foolish. I wonder why she didnít call him out too.

Anyway, I told him he was the one been foolish because he didnít like my opinions of what trek 2013 could become.Sad thing is my opinon was based on realism.

I hope the moderator will forgive me for been Simon Cowell but the truth is that most of the time Simon always got it right.
Since you're just asking to get kicked out of here instead of taking the moderator's advice and shutting the hell up and dropping the subject, I'll say my goodbyes to you now.
ďDonít believe everything you read on the internet.Ē
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