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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

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if nobody on your planet has any privacy at all, that means they're all having sex, giving birth and using the john while elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder
Which is how humans in Europe did it for the past couple of thousand years, too.

Gideon depicts a society so overcrowded that the bodies of the population are literally pressed up against the walls of the building just because they have no place else to go. Such conditions never existed in Europe, not thousands of years ago, not ten years ago. Even modern cities, which have a higher population density than any time in history, aren't that tightly packed.

The people of this planet are essentially humanoid cattle: crammed so close together it's hard to imagine they have a lot of room for a lot of difficult industrial labor or intellectual prowess (how many poems can you write while standing in line for six hours to use the bathroom?). They are conceived, born, live and die in a planet-sized corralle and they're too stupid to take even the simplest measures to improve their situation.

So post a giant sign on one street that says "Walk this way for breathing room" and put a meat grinder underneath it. They're packed so close together that they won't notice they're walking into it until right before they fall in... and then they'll probably jump in anyway because of their "love of life."

They could just as well say we're complete morons for having to seek privacy for sex. That sort of self-imposed idiocy is life-hindering masochism at its worst, lacking rational basis.
Sex IN GENERAL lacks a rational basis, so that's a nonsequitor. More to the point: you don't see a lot of that sort of behavior in sentient species -- e.g. walking down the street, pause for thirty seconds so some random stranger can impregnate you, then go about your business. Animals, yes, but not sentient creatures in control of their own cultures and destinies.
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