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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I'm hoping that isn't the case but it isn't looking good for the post-ROTJ books and comics. But the new films probably won't touch the films and presumably all the EU stuff that's come before so at least you'll/we will have that.
The new films won't contradict the OT - in the words of the new boss, "protecting the characters" is job one. (at 2:44)

And we now know she ain't talking about the EU characters. Disney just spend four billion dollars for a valuable brand that includes the characters that people could name if you asked them at your local mall - Luke, Leia, Han, the robots, the furry guy, the little green guy, what was his name again...?

The new movies will be made for people who have to think a bit to rememeber what the little green guy's name is. They have so damn much more money collectively than we do. And keep in mind they have to play in Jakarta and Santiago, not just Cincinnati and Fresno. Those people think EU is that organization that is imploding in Europe right now.
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