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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

After the Lakers acquired Nash and Howard this past summer, every time I thought of the Purple and Gold I'de get this tingle...until I thought about Mike Brown. It has long been my belief that in professional team sports (especially the NBA) in order to lead effectively and win at the highst levels, the players need to either fear or respect the head coach. I don't think the Lakers fear or respect Mike Brown -- at least so far. But it is still very early, thank God. D12 starting to look like D12 -- 33 and 14 rebounds last night (in second straight loss ).

The Thunder shot themselves in the foot trading Harden. That guy killed the Lakers and the Mavs last season in the playoffs. This is what I was trying to tell our resident Thunder fan last season -- your front office has to want a championship as badly as the fans do. The Thunder F.O. appears to place profit ahead of rings. So much the better for us. BTW, last night Harden put up 37 and 12 assists for the Rox. The Thunder may have traded themselves 2 or 3 years into the past.

Look for Bynum to start slow with the Sixers (he always does) but I think he will end up having a monster season.

Actually, Warriors could be a factor this season. They have a pretty nice team on paper. Now thye even have some size with Bogut, and they are trying to actually defend.

The Lakers may finish the season as the 3rd or 4th seed in the west (if things are flowing), but from there they should be able to reach the Finals -- IF things are flowing. That is a pretty big "if" right now.
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