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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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Likely to have a bigger impact on Trek on TV. CBS may wait for Disney to produce a series and its critcial/Neilsen reception before investing on weekly Trek again.
Iger has alrady said he likes Star Wars for TV, and that DisneyXD is the place for it, which means more kid-focused animation a la The Clone Wars. Moonves doesn't need to wait, TCW has been getting strong ratings on the Cartoon Network, but animation aimed at kids is not an obvious fit for CBS, so I don't know what he could do with that info.
Those ratings can't be that strong as it got new episodes shunted to Saturday mornings, losing its Friday night timeslot.
The ratings are strong and stable.

The Season Four finale was the #1 watched telecast of the day versus all of television among boys 9-14, and #1 for its timeslot among boys 6-11.
Considering the target audience, a Sat am timeslot does not mean the same thing as if the target audience were 18-49.
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