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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


My favorite a Tuvok episode! Shortly after breakfast Tuvok begins to shake and then has a flashback/panic attack about dropping a little girl who he was attempting to rescue from a cliff (the young Tuvok is too cute)! On a side note, I really do love Neelix’s apron/chef’s hats!!

I love it that the Doctor has sarcasm. He really is a great character and I would love to see him in more episodes…my husband accidently leaked to me that eventually he will be able to move around the ship, and I cannot wait! So when Vulcans have panic attacks they make card houses, or something like them? Why is Tuvok always in the dark when he is in his quarters? He usually has candles lite, rather than lights. Is it just a personal preference? Also, they look like real candles. I feel like there would be a ship rule about candles/fire hazards???

Maybe it is just because it is Halloween but I am feeling a little wicked…when they showed the flashback for a second time I laughed hysterically at the little girl falling. Her facial features and the special effects of her fall were kind of funny. It looked the girl wasn’t moving, and that they were just moving the backdrop and giving it some fancy flashes.

When Tuvok was asking Janeway for help he mentioned that he was considering asking another Vulcan on board…there are other Vulcans on board? By the way, first time I have actually seen George Takei on TV! I love his voice! I haven’t made it to the OS yet, but I will eventually!! (I really enjoy following Takei on facebook)! When Tuvok makes his objection to Captain Sulu the blond chick in the background has the best expression of pure shock and dismay; for being a side character her acting is pretty good!

Overall, I really liked this episode. We had further background character development for Tuvok, and another bonding experience for Janeway and Tuvok! I generally prefer arc episodes, or episodes that connect to previous episodes, but for a stand-alone episode…this may be my favorite so far!

Favorite part: When Tuvok was fixing Captian Sulu tea, and Janeway leaned over and said, “You never brought me tea”!
Least favorite part: With the flashback to Tuvok’s bunk beds they went to sleep in their uniforms…where are their PJ’s?
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