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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

Oh man Sharlto Copley would be amazing as... I don't know, anything. A stuffy bearaucrat. A cowardly low-rate criminal that provides actually funny comic relief. I don't care. Just cast him.

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Did you really think that the behaviour of the characters made complete sense and that they behaved like people with distinct personalities the whole time?
No, I thought the writing was awful, his character material meandering, inconstant and incoherent, his reveals mundane, his sense of pacing downright abysmal and I don't see why anyone would want the guy responsible for the first season of Walking Dead in charge of Star Wars films.

But cheap shots about Frank Darabont aside: Yeah, the characters in Prometheus behaved like people with distinct personalities. You don't get the impression that Noomi Rapace's character is interchangeable with Charlize Theron's. Some scientists are in it for the money, others the science, and Idris Elba as the ship's captain really isn't engaged in that side of it at all.

I'm talking things like being a premiere scientist and getting onto a spaceship and going into hibernation and travelling light years away because...well, we'll tell you when we get there.
Well yes, actually. To be precise it's a level of disbelief you expect with a Star Wars movie, like the real identity of the right hand man of the Galactic Empire being so little known that the statement of it comes as a shock to his son.

Prometheus is not a great film, and neither Lindelof nor Bird are my first choices for heading up Star Wars. But they're definitely people I can live with.
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