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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

MAN that's the kind of talk I like.

GNP's The Cage / Where No Man Has Gone Before was originally an LP, so those might fit on a single CD even when they are complete. Also, Doomsday / Amok Time was only 52 minutes and Shore Leave / Naked Time was only 46 minutes.

Also we're not factoring for any alternate / unused cues. I don't know if those will go with their episodes or be put on a group of discs.

AND how are they doing library cues? (Are library cues the same as the cues from other seasons that they had to re-record? I think we're getting Charlie X like three times aren't we?)

Sure we'll know all this in five or six weeks. But it's still a blast to talk about.
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