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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I've always loved science vessels, especially ones that can devote minimum power to weapons, maximum power to aux systems and yet still fights like a tiger.

The Vesta's Aux powered DHCs are like a dream come true. So I started looking at what escorts I can adapt as a Aux heavy sci-scort hybrid. And I found it, the Chimera.

Forward Weapons: 4 x Aux DHCs
Rear Weapons: 2 x Quantum Torpedoes, Quantum Mine Launcher
Tactical Consoles: 3 x Phaser, Dynamic Tactical System Console
Engineer Consoles: 2 x Neutronium, 1 x Monotanium
Science Consoles: 2 x Field Generators
Ensign Tactical Slot: Tactical Team
Cmdr. Tactical Slot: Tactical Team, Torp Spread, 2 x Cannon Scatter Volley
Lt. Engineer Slot: 2 x Emergency Power To Shields
Lt. Science Slot: 2 x Hazard Emitters
Lt. Cmdr Science Slot: Transfer Shield Strength or Polarize Hull, Tractor Beam Repulsors, Grav Well

This ship will probably be moving constantly, doing attack runs with DHCs before turning around and launching a volley of torpedoes and mines, tossing heals and gravity wells as needed. Is this a feasible ship design?
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