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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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But didn't Rick lay there for several days without medical care or food before becoming mobile again?
The onscreen timeline doesn't make sense at least to me.

A. Rick after being shot falls into a coma

B. Zombie Apocalypse occurs while he remains unconscious

C. Hospital over run by Zombie's Shane abandons Rick and packs up Carl and Lori and they leave town

D. Helicopters are seen bombing the city of Atlanta [which by the way shows no evidence of mass destruction later]

E. Shane, Carl and Lori hook up with Dale et al and camp out near small liake

F. Presumably many, many days pass and Rick wakes up from a coma and discovers hospital is over run and heads up searching for them.

OK, based on this here are my questions where the onscreen timeline falls apart:

So Lori hooks up with Shane just a few days after Rick is thought to be dead and they begin a sexual relationship?

While Rick is connected to an iv in the hospital It's my understanding that the human body can only go 3 possibly 4 days without water but onscreen we're at least lead to believe its a much longer time?

It's unclear what amount of time passes between after Rick wakes up and he reaches Atlanta by horse?

On the Lori/Shane thing, there were some indications that she and Rick were having problems before the world fell apart. In fact, I think that Rick and Shane have a conversation about that before the incident where Rick gets shot.

In a situation where the world is literally falling apart and shes told that her less than loving husband is dead, its not totally out of the question that she moves on quickly.

Plus, lets face it, Lori does not come across as the type of woman that would do well on her own. She's no Andrea.
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