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The tale of the 2 Picards

My question for this thread has to do with the "tale of the 2 captain Picards." You have TV captain Picard that we all know and love on The Next Generation TV series, and then there's the movie captain Picard that some seem to love or dislike. I've read and watched (Red Letter Media's Star Trek movie reviews) a lot of criticism about how different Picard is in the TNG movies. My question is this....doesn't Picard need to be bigger than life in those movies. It seems to me, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that TV Picard just wouldn't draw the same appeal as action Picard. Am I wrong? I mean I could point out that Insurrection is an example of TV Picard not working out on the big screen despite the inconsistency of Picard in Insurrection vs Picard in TNG TV episode of Journey's End. Also, we had an action packed movie Picard in Nemesis that obviously did very little ratings wise for that movie. But all in all, didn't we need Picard to somewhat action packed and as I stated earlier, larger than life in the TNG movies? I do agree that the movies didn't need to necessarily be centered and focused on him seemingly at all times. What do you think?
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