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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I've (finally) caught up with this show! And let me tell you, I'm generally very very happy with how it's going and especially this new season - so glad to be on to the prison.

I'm especially glad that Shane's finally out of the picture - keeping him longer than in the comics was a good move, but he'd definitely worn out his welcome even as an interesting character there at the end. Perhaps mostly because of the undue influence he was having on Andrea.

Speaking of Andrea - so damned grateful she's finally, finally starting to be more of the Friendly Sniper comics Andrea and less of the unlikable Andrea-In-Name-Only of Season 1 and almost all of 2. Shame it had to wait till after Dale bit it - BOO! That's a massive, massive departure, and it should be interesting to see what the characters become like without his steadying grounded morality - more chance for Andrea to step up maybe? Hooking her up with Michonne like that and putting them in Woodbury is actually a fascinating choice to me, I look forward to them having conflict with the Governor.

Gonna miss Dale and especially Dale/Andrea since that was one of my favorite parts of the comics, but I guess Kirkman's right that it's still there to be read and the show is its own thing. His death was certainly one of the most gruesome thus far, it's just a shame he died thinking he'd failed.

Let me tell you, I was initially annoyed by the lack of Tyrese (and especially his "replacement" T-Dog, ugh - but he's gotten better too), but Daryl is serving to be a great right-hand-man in his own right. Great character so far, and his bonding to the group in the search for Sophia and then pulling away after was one of the good parts of S2. I look forward to his inevitable conflict with Merle over Rick's decision and Merle's place in Woodbury.

What else, ohh Maggie/Glen. If we can't have Andrea/Dale I'm glad we at least have these two lovebirds. The whole bit with Herschel (I still want a Herschel Walker pun somehow, dammit!) and the watch was a nice little scene.

You know who's a completely unlikable person in the show as compared to the comics? I know I said Andrea, but my god Lori... my god. What is it with taking the two main (initial) female characters from the comics and making them terrible people? Her little rant to Andrea about not doing "women's work" made me furious - not just the awful anti-feminism, but the sheer gall from somebody who'd just gotten back from an ill-planned one-woman commando raid. And of course let's not even get into the whole "You need to put Shane down/A real man would kill to protect me" that's followed up just a few episodes later with "OMG You monster! How could you kill Shane!" Those that have read the comics, I'm not forgetting something, right? Lori really isn't anywhere near this awful and is in fact pretty much a solid character? Let's hope this gets resolved pretty quick.

Regarding the baby, here's my thoughts:

And about the "Rick is immune/special," I'm with sojourner here.
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