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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

For the amount of grinding they force us to do, they don't give us anything to DO with the shiny once we manage to achieve it. Not only that, they just release something OP that makes whatever you spent months grinding (or paying) for obsolete when you get it anyway. Takes a lot of the fun/achivement out of it.

Wish they'd focus more on giving us stuff to DO with our toys and less on screwing with the systems to make it harder to get, or just releasing new stuff to make your current stuff worthless. You really can't take a break in this game without coming back and finding your ship and gear are now garbage.

For these super-ships, they've driven me out of even looking at them. I've had a sour taste in my mouth since I paid $20 in real money for the Gal-X way back when, and it was abandoned and made obsolete shortly thereafter. It became a T-4.5 ship at best, and it's not terribly good at much of anything, so it doesn't even leave spacedock anymore. After that, I decided I wasn't really interested in throwing more money at them.

My Zen points from the LTS just go towards trying to fix things Cryptic has nerfed or ignored. Like getting enough DOFF slots to actually do the DOFF missions and maybe even support the starbase system that forces you to go get more. Or increasing the bank slots, since if you've been playing since launch, there's all kinds of toys/trinkets/currencies that you have to carry around. And if you drop any, they're no longer in the game to get back. Then there's all the pets they give us, but no where to store them. Should probably add a couple more BOFF spots, because my entire roster is filled with the special reward BOFFs they've given us over the past 2 years. I might only have 1 regular BOFF (purple, of course), rest are 2 borg/android/Jem'Hadar/Breen/Reman, etc. Extra annoyance there, because each is a locked costume set, so if you get any of these special rewards, you can't tweak the costumes at all. So no crew unity, and my BOFFS look exactly the same as everyone else's.

Because I can't seem to get over the hump, I'm going to keep grinding the STF (IGE only) until the Season 7 conversion. 300+ runs, have yet to complete a MK XII ground set. Both space sets, with spares, but only a single ground weapon and armor. Would like to at least finish one set. Of course, rumor from DEVs is that the NEW grinds will make the STF gear obsolete anyway, so not really sure why I'm bothering, IGE is terrible anyway. Just no way in hell I'm going to have the interest to RE-LEVEL the character through another 300 or so STFs to get back to the ability to buy that gear (plus huge time and DIL/resource sinks to get there).

going to take a hard look at whether it's even worth bothering to jump into the NEW grind (Romulan/Omega), or whether I just play a couple for fun and start ramping myself down on this one.

I WANT to love this game, they just seem to keep going out of their way to make it less enjoyable, and don't focus on any of the stuff that was fun back when they were more interested in the game. Now it's just Asian grind-fest with a side-game of how much can they squeeze out of us. They've DIL-taxed about everything but Chat at this point...
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