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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

84. RockNRolla: B-
85. Paranormal Activity 4: B
86. Argo: A+
87. Skyline: F
88. Cop Out: D

Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan in this buddy cop flick that feels like it's trying to be in the vein of Lethal Weapon. Especially when they toss in Sean William Scott as the thief that is befriended by our duo. He's essentially in the Joe Pesci role. I felt like Bruce did as good as could be expected for the role. It's the first movie of his I've seen in awhile I didn't just instantly like as I was watching it though. I just didn't buy Tracey Morgan as a cop AT ALL, not with that characterization. In hindsight looking at Willis career choices by and large of late he seems to be doing mostly films that might be or already are considered a franchise. He did R.E.D., that sequel is shooting. He took a larger role for Expendables 2, he is in the upcoming G.I.Joe2, of course Die Hard 5 and I think this was probably presented to him as a new spin on Lethal Weapon. His Moonrise Kingdom and Looper's are probably a break from franchise choices.
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