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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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See post #80. Knight Templar alleged that Sisko had lied to the Prophets to win their support because there was no evidence that the Dominion had any intention of harming Bajor. So KT was assuming the Dominion could be trusted to keep its word.
As a short term thing, yes, the Dom could be trusted. But only because if the Dom had attacked Bajor, the Breen, for example, never would have joined with them.
How do you know that? The Breen weren't a friendly power to any of the other Alpha Quadrant states. They attacked and imprisoned Bajorans and Cardassians alike. They menaced Bajoran colonies. They were a legitimate suspect in attacks on Federation ships and installations. So what makes you think the Breen would've been averse to joining the Dominion if they might've "broken their word"? It's possible that the Breen were encouraged to join by the Dominion promising to attack Bajor!
So the conversation would have gone...

WEYOUN: We promised not to attack the Bajorans, and we broke our word. We promised not to attack the Cardassians, and we broke our word. And now, we promise not to attack the Breen. But we won't break our word with you!

THOT WHOEVER: Yeah, that sounds legit.
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