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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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It doesn't matter nearly as much who the director is because the director doesn't have to be the studio's point man for all artistic decisions.
Although in all likelihood he will be. Someone could be considered the auteur for this thing, and that's probably the director, although one can argue about that issue re: ESB until the cows come home.

Speaking of ESB, I'm pretty sure that's the last time a professional SF writer was involved in penning the script to a Star Wars film, although apparently little to none of Leigh Brackett's contributions actually made it to the movie. There might be something to be said for getting a SF writer particularly one with a yen for space opera (though probably - for reasons that he's made pretty explicit - not David Brin), but it's just as important that this movie works as a movie, so really something with solid screenwriting credentials would be liked there... I don't know, let's say Nathan Parker or Ben Ripley, because I'm still working on the assumption that a Duncan Jones directed Star Wars trilogy is a great idea.

Also, the really really important question is, who does the score? John Williams is a great composer but the series is getting older. Age has made him less reliably great, I fear, as well. I'm thinking Brian Tyler, or Danny Elfman if he's explicitly instructed to avoid Burtonism. But maybe Dave Arnold?
You'd want someone who can write pretty solid neo-romantic classical music with leitmotifs by the bucketload. So my first thought is obviously Howard Shore.

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Roxann Dawson - Voyager, Enterprise, Heroes, The Cape, The Mentalist. She's directed some good TV
You know that does raise an interesting point. Disney/Marvel picked Alan Taylor, a veteran TV director with Deadwood, Mad Men and Game of Thrones on his CV, as the director of Thor 2.

Now obviously as talented as Taylor may be he is not a 'name' director in the sense of anyone else here we've discussed, but the name that the studio is selling is Star Wars itself, just as nobody's expecting to audience members to go see Thor 2 because they were impressed with the Mad Men pilot.

So I don't know. It's at least possible the reigns to the franchise could be handed over to professionals with long CVs even without cultic internet fanbases.
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