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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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So, what you're saying is, there would be some outrage, but ultimately, nobody cares?! So, what's the problem?
That's not even remotely what I'm saying and I have no clue how you could possibly have interpreted my words in that way. Of course people care, and they should care. There's still a lot of active racism and unthinking discrimination that should and must be fought.

I mean, I can understand outrage over the non-Asian cast of The Last Airbender, but with Amanda Waller, race isn't a crucial part of the character.
As I keep saying, it's not about the characters. The concern is for the actors who are trying to get good jobs in Hollywood but being deprived of opportunities because they aren't white enough. This isn't about characters, but about real live human beings and whether they have fair employment opportunities.

Also, seriously, Waller is more of a villain character, and since I already cast the main villain with Keith David, wouldn't it seem even more racist if the other villainous character of the movie was also black?!
I don't think so, since you do include John Stewart as one of the main heroes. Also, Waller isn't a strictly villainous role. She's a complex, ambiguous, important character, the kind that would be a plum in any actor's resume.
Eh, if you include his CCH as President role, that's 3 out of 10 characters he's castng that are black. The US Population is less than 30% black. Anyone crying (in this specific case of casting) of unfair opportunity for Blacks is just whining and wanting more than what's fair. The Asians and Hispanics are the ones who should be up in arms with this casting, not the Blacks
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