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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I think I do like Crossover best, but, I don't go in "proper" order for the rest of them
I'd put Through the Looking Glass lower than other people, but otherwise I go along with the consensus. That's my strategy, I rock the boat just a little bit, but agree with everyone most of the time so that people like me.

Statistical Probabilities (***)

A large part of whether or not you're going to enjoy this episode comes down to whether you like the Jack Pack or find them insufferable. Personally, I like them. They're something different, they're pretty much insane and unable to operate in the real world (or what passes for the real world in Star Trek) but they're still clearly people with wants and needs. I can relate to them because, when they are combined, they make up a perfect nerd. Jack represents a nerd's megalomania and resentment towards the world for not accepting nerds, Sarina represents the quiet, non-social side of nerds, Patrick represents nerds' stunted maturity, and Lauren represents the fact that nerds are sex-starved. Yes, there's a little Jack Pack in all of us. Or possibly just me.

My main issue with the episode is that Bashir loses touch with reality so quickly that it doesn't translate well in the episode. I think the idea is sound, Bashir has always been an arrogant character so the fact that spending so much time around around genetically engineered super-geniuses causes him to become obsessed with the correctness of their statistical analyses makes sense for him. The problem is that we don't see enough of Bashir with the Jack Pack to fully understand how Bashir has become so engrossed in their work that he can no longer see the wood from the trees. We hear him discussing it with O'Brien, but that's not the same. The result is that when Bashir starts to passionately argue that the Federation must surrender it doesn't feel natural. The concept is good, the execution just needed to be better.

A plus for this episode is that it returns to the Dominion situation and reveals that Damar is the new leader of Cardassia, although on far less even terms than those Dukat had. The episode kinda sets the course for the rest of the war; it indicates that the Dominion are currently in the dominant position, that the Romulans will enter the war on the side of the Federation, and that the Cardassians will eventually revolt against Dominion rule. It's interesting that the writers laid out the broad strokes of the war in this episode for us all to see, but they still had those events play out in unexpected and exciting ways.
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