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Re: star trek into darkness trailer release date

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Sweetie that's a moderator you're talking to. Just in case you missed it.
Serenity, opinions are like arseholes, we've all got one (except my Uncle Ernie who had cancer of the rectum and now shits out of a tube - true story by the way) but some stink except mine which smells of cloves, 5 spice and pine.

Reminds me of Christmas actually, Christ it's less than 2 months until Christmas! My arse is great, it's like a built in Christmas sensor.

I hope the moderator is reading this. My opinions are called arseholes...go figure

This just proves my point that many people on this board are childlike.

They can’t take a critic. So they lash out and result to insults.

If StarTrek 2013 turns out to be a bad film, I could easily sue for defamation and slander.( Am kidding )

Grow up guys...come on people are Star Trek fans not Twilight or Justin Bieber fans. I except some kind of unique intelligence from most of you.

The unique intelligence of respecting others people’s opinions even if you disagree with them.
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